Spacer size not taken in account


I'm playing with v2.1.3 (Node.js v17.1.0) and dashboard v3.1.1.
It seams that there is no way to configure spacer size: The layout treeview edit button 'allows' me to change its size by matrix selection ,but nothing happens when I validate my configuration. It is still at 1x1.

Is there any known issue arround this?
Did I miss something?

I noticed that too. The changes to the space node are not retained.

Just pushed dashboard v3.1.2 with a fix.

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That was remarkably fast!! I don't see the "update" option though.

You may need to wait a few mins for the servers to catch up / and or restart Node-RED to re-pull the index.

It's working now. Thank you for fixing it.


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