Groov-io-read - 64 channel read - 32 channel limited?

Running Node-Red flow on a Groov RIO with 64 analog channels. I'm trying to read the entire device into a JSON output every 10 minutes.

I have the node-red-contrib-groov-io palette installed. Using the groov-io-read node set for all analog channels, I am only getting the first 32 channels as a response. It seems this node is hard limited to 32 channels.

I would prefer not to have my flow setup to have to run separate read nodes for all 64 channels. Are there better options, or a way to modify the groov-io-read node to read 64 channels?

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You may be correct, but can I ask how you know that you only have the first ones?

Hi Colin. Both in debug as well as dumping output to file system.

At first It thought it was the JSON parser node limiting array size. But simply reading groov I/O direct to output yields a file with values 0-31.

If I read a single channel at a time, 0-63 are all readable.

OK, I was just checking that you were not relying solely on the dubug output, as it may be truncated (though not array length).

What is the full name of the node you have installed (node-red-contrib-...)?
Check the node's github page, particularly any open Issues, in case it is a known problem.

node-red-contrib-groov-io is the palette.

groov-io-read is the node

I think you had better ask on the github page, unless there is a forum or similar associated with the devices.

Ok. Thank You.

@kyrC Hi John,

I would take this to the Opto22 Forum. Opto22 are responsible for the PAC and Groov nodes available for Node-RED. They are well supported and Tim Orchard and Beno (among others) have good knowledge with Node-RED.

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