Group Box Alignment

In the next version can we have group boxes that align correctly with the grid? When using the link out node the group box is smaller due to them being slightly smaller than the 2x2 grid - it messes with my OCD. :crazy_face: Screen shot as an example:

Screenshot from 2021-06-30 21-22-36


Try moving the link node a bit to make the group wider or change the name of the function node to make it smaller

@MyRandomThoughts we experimented with having the group snap to grid, but it lead to far more 'odd' cases where the margin between nodes and the group edge could be widely inconsistent on different edges.

So we decided to stick with having the group edge a well-defined margin away from the nodes inside.

@zenofmud, that doesn't work as all other nodes match the grid size, it's just the link nodes that are 1.5 size not 2.

@knolleary, thanks.

you can also change the grid size in user settings - that may help

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