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Today is was messing a bit around with groups. I asked GPT a bit about groups and the good old friend told me, that it is possbile to give read oder write permissions to widgets?!. Tried to follow the instructions, but couldnt find it. Here is the chatgpt output:

> To assign a widget to a specific group, follow these steps:
>     Select the widget you want to assign to a group by clicking on it.
>     Click on the "pencil" icon to open the widget's settings window.
>     Scroll down to the "Groups" section, click on the dropdown menu next to "Group", and select either "Read" or "Write" depending on which group you want to assign the widget to.
>     Click the "Save" button to apply the settings.
> Repeat this process for each widget you want to assign to the "Read" or "Write" groups. Once you're done, you can save the settings and refresh the dashboard to ensure that the assignments take effect.

Is chatgpt a big lyer or am i to dumb?

Thank you

Not quite, it looks like it (kinda) instructed you how to assign widgets to groups named "read" and "write"

In short, there is no "group permissions" (or any real concept of permissions) in dashboard.

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thank you.

bad bot=)

best regards

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It’s just a puppy trying hard to please.


When using tools like chatgpt and its competitors it is important to understand that the underlying algorithm is designed to produce plausible sounding results, not true ones.


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