Guide and how to send MQTT from my esp32 DHT22 to Node-Red into Google cloud platform Bullseye+Node-Red

Dear All,I have a well working project, with my raspberry pi 3 with linux bullseye, and mosquitto + node-red.
With some NodeMCU with DHT22 and Tasmota firmware, I'm able to send DHT22 data via MQTT from the esp32 to Node-red GUI/dash board to show value in gauge and historical data graph.

I have also a Google Cloud Platform with Virtual machine with Bullseye and node-red installed and working, but I'm not able to find a guide to HOW send my DHT22 data via MQTT to GCP Node-red (via MQTT and mosquitto installed in to GCP??)

Thanks in advance!

Probably the easiest solution is for Tasmota to publish to a cloud based MQTT broker such as Hivemq.
All of your Node-red instances can subscribe to the messages.

If you are already using Google Cloud, it has an MQTT bridge Publishing over the MQTT bridge | Cloud IoT Core Documentation | Google Cloud

The problem with a lot of the low-cost microprocessor platforms though is that they often do not support TLS. This is a pre-requisite for talking to cloud platforms. So the sensible thing to do would be for your IoT devices to talk to a local service and that service then to talk to Google Cloud over an encrypted connection. You could, of course, do that easily with Node-RED. Or, if you wanted to be clever, you could configure your local MQTT broker to have a direct bridge to the cloud and to replicate any topic structure you wanted across to it.

The current version of Tasmota does support TLS for ESP32 boards. Tasmota TLS

I have no idea how you use it, but at least it's there.

Yes, and ESP32's can just about do TLS in software and some of the latest models have a security chip I think. I missed the reference to ESP32 in the title :grimacing:

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