HA Lighting control in subflows with momentary buttons

Hi All,
I'm quite new to this, but I've made a good flow that allows on/off and move up/dn with hold and release.
Up/Down-direction is controlled by light level, over a certain level it goes up, otherwise down.

But... I'd really like to put this in a subflow, so I don't have to make 50 of them. Trouble is, I have to use a non-mqtt input block to get light status (the blue one below), in order to decide if I should dim up/dn or even turn on before dim up. Does anyone have a good idea how to do this? Or a better way to realize this solution?
(The blue block requires the specific name of the bulb, and I don't know how to extract that from the message and put it there...)


This is a HA specific node and you might be better off asking on the sub forum for Node Red on the official HA Forums. Note many people on here have the HA nodes installed and available



Ah, okay. I mistakenly assumed it was a primary use for Node Red - Little do I know :smile:

Thanks for the reply, I'll try on the HA forum.


Many here think that HA just complicates things, and prefer to use node red without HA.

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