HA-mqtt beginner help needed - I'm so close!

Hi all,
Trying to light a Ledvance bulb with HA/mqtt in Node-RED.
I'm up and running with a fresh install on HA-os. My Sonoff button works in Node-RED so the broker is working.
I can toggle the bulb in Zigbee2mqtt control panel... But I cannot inject anything to get it to respond in Node-RED.

The images below show a diagram that should toggle the bulb, but doesn't.
Any help is appreciated!


If you set the topic in the inject then you do not need to set it in the out node.

Is the payload and topic correct, is there a link to the topics and payloads for your device?

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My first guess would be a spelling error in your MQTT topic.
Keep in mind that MQTT topics are case sensitive. I think that's what is causing your problems. You could try listening to topic '#' on an MQTT in node to find out what topics the lamp uses when sending.
On the Zigbee2MQTT supported devices site you can find lots of information about your specific device (if supported of course)

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You don't appear to adding the qos & retain as msg properties, and you've also left the fields blank in the MQTT node.

Also, although spaces in the MQTT topic are permitted, it's generally discouraged.

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Amazing - I changed the Friendly name to a shorter without spaces and wrote out the 'zigbee2mqtt...' in lowercase letters and now it works!

Thanks a lot for the quick responses, I'd been pulling my hair out for days over this!

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