Has default behaviour of node context changed in v0.19


Before I go down a convoluted debugging route with a function node I made, can I check if something has changed or not.

i "thought" that node context survived node deployment in the past (0.18.7) but it doesn't seem to now in 0.19.4

Is it my memory that's faulty, or did it never survive node deployment or should it survive and I've got a bug somewhere

This is on plain 0.19.4 with no entry for persistant storage in the settings.js file



depended on what sort of deploy you did. If you did a full deploy it was always wiped... if only a changed nodes/flows - then it it wasn't changed then it wouldn't get wiped.



So to clarify in my mind
The behaviour hasn't changed between 0.18.7 and 0.19.4?



If you've not changed your settings to persistent context then no - default is the same as before.

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Time for brain transplant then!