Have I killed my remote machine?


Without wanting to sound "typical":

It was working this morning, now it isn't.

The RPI boots, but seems stuck with something.

(See attached picture)

Well, Node-red actually.

But it is 80+% CPU for a LONG time.

Can I just leave it alone for a few hours to "settle down"?

Does it need internet connection?



Newbie here, so take my info with a grain of salt...
What happens when you try opening the Node Red in a browser: Mine is at (substitute your IP address):




Still happening now it seems.

I did a couple of flow edits and DEPLOYED them and then it all just fell in a heap.

Luckily I have backups of the flows, so I "rolled back" a version and it seems to be working.




You should always check and post the startup or erroring section of your Node-RED log when looking for this kind of help. It generally has the information and clues people need.

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I shall have to remember that and learn where said files are so next time I can look at them.

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@Trying_to_learn I appreciate that you flagged your post as "solved," so that folks following along or finding your post in a search won't be trying to solve your problem as they read. It would be even better if you could edit the original post to say that you never did solve the problem but just wiped everything and started over. Then, anyone with a similar issue would not be reading to the end in hope of finding an answer.




Mike, yeah, sorry.

I fully appreciate the idea.

Sometimes I get forgetful to tick all the boxes and do everything.

I shall try to remember to do that in the future.