Does Node-RED need internet connection

I have Node-RED running on a raspberry pi that is hardwired to my router. My PC is also hardwired.

My internet recently went down and I could not get Node-RED to load ( on my PC. Is this normal ? It was weird because other pages being served from my Pi would load.


Well, could be you have some nodes that are "looking for the net"
You have a thermostat depending on an internet connection, right?

Yes , you are correct. I thought it would just show an error or not connected ?

Won't open at all.

Node-RED itself "should" be ok totally disconnected. If there is a node that is blocking it then that ought to be investigated as it ought to still allow the flow to run.

Is there an error log I can check to see where it is stopping ?

the console when you run Node-RED is the log - but I would suspect that unless we are lucky the node wouldn't report anything... but it's worth a look.
Which 3rd party nodes have you got installed may be easier to guess from.

it's probably this one node-red-contrib-tcc-honeywell as I just installed it and it connects to a website.

well 2 quick tests...

  1. start Node-RED with the --safe flag - which will start the editor but not run the actual flow... so you should be able to browse/edit the flow (and then hit deploy to start it).
  2. remove the node from the flow - and see if it then starts.
    Finally - uninstall the node and restart Node-RED - and see if it then works.