Node-Red not working

watch other reply please

Can you define what you mean by lost connection?

How did you install node-red?

What (in a terminal) does the command node-red-log show?

Sometimes helps trying to open it on verbose mode and look directly on the console what shows when it crashes

okay so lets forget about the first discription. i soon found out i can acces any sites eigther. so basicly i cant do noting. now i know this site is for node-red use only but can someone help me with my pi 3.
_ do have a internet connection trough wifi but can acces anysite or node-red_

and the wierd thing is i can acces node-red trough the pi it self but not google an am also not able to acces node-red trough my computer

Have you checked the connection config? is via DHCP? if not… has you set properly the GW and the DNS?