Having fun with Discord

Two of my grandsons introduced me to Discord a couple of weeks ago. Here's one of my world-famous sketches showing the connections to/from Discord on my home set-up.

I can communicate with Discord using...

(A) My PC, laptop or tablet
(B) MQTT in a Node-RED flow
(C) A http-request node that 'posts' a request - webhook (to shut down my Bot)

I also have my Bot (written in Python running on a RPi) that interacts with Discord.
The Bot's commands interface to some of my cameras, some LEDs, a servo motor and a couple of relays. I can control the Bot from a Node-RED dashboard (see below).
Screen Shot 05-05-22 at 09.42 AM

Screen Shot 05-05-22 at 09.42 AM 001

Screen Shot 05-05-22 at 09.43 AM 002

Screen Shot 05-05-22 at 09.43 AM 001

Isn't life FUN when you are retired???


I've just tried out testing an addition for my Discord setup...
Adding a Raspberry Pi Pico so I can operate LEDs, relays, servos from commands in Discord.
My grandsons will really enjoy adding this addition at the weekend.

Above is a photo of my home-grown PCB for the WiFi-enabled Pico (using an ESP-01S).

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