Having some troubles with dashboard notification node

Hi folks,

Long time ago that I have been using the Dashboard Notification node, and now I'm having some troubles while using it:

  1. Had forgotten meanwhile that the notification title can be hardcoded on the config screen (in the msg.topic input field), but it seems that the notification body cannot be hardcoded. So I had to insert a Change node to solve it. Is there any reason why there is no msg.payload input field on the config screen, to reduce the number of Change nodes for hardcoded notifications?

  2. As mentioned above I had only hardcoded the msg.topic on the config screen:


    But since I forgot to add a msg.payload in the input message, the result is that the notification only very shortly appears:


    Would be nice if that could be fixed some day, because it is a bit confusing about what is going wrong...

  3. The notification appears on the top right, like I have specified in the config screen:

    When I make my browser window smaller (i.e. less wide), then panel 3 automatically shifts from position. And the notification stays on the top right (which is correct!):

    But if I reduce the browser window width it a bit more, then the notification suddenly moves to the bottom:


    I would have expected it to be at least on the top of the window. And I don't understand why the notification suddenly grows in width ...

Thanks !!

People wanted a way of clearing notifications early (or cancelling them after start) so sending a blank payload does this by setting its timeout to 0.
The positioning at bottom is standard angular material for narrow screens.

Morning Dave,

Ok I see it now indeed in the info panel:

Is it really, or do you just say that to get rid of me and my questions :rofl:

Do you also have an idea about this?

Yes - try this on a narrow screen - https://material.angularjs.org/latest/demo/toast

and no-one has ever asked for a fixed notification. You have to send a msg to trigger the toast and it must contain a payload or it won't get sent - so it may as well contain some words...

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