Hello everyone I need some help about mssql-plus

I want to use mssql-plus to connect to the SQL server database, but I can't connect all the time, and the request times out.
This is the error message:

"message":"Failed to connect to\\data in 15000ms",
"details":"Failed to connect to\\data in 15000ms",

Hi @Xiang welcome to the forum.

Please provide more detail:

Where is node-red and SQL server running? (Same computer? Windows? Linux??, in docker? Etc)

Is your SQL server a named instance?

Are you able to connect using ssms? (Show us what you enter to connect)

Show us what you have entered in the connection config on node-red.

Both node-red and SQL server are running on the same computer, is windows.
SQL server can log in normally, including local login and account password, and can also be connected normally, I have tested it with Java.
I can connect with using ssms.

Why have you added \data to the host name?

:point_up: Please show us as requested :point_down:

Please answer this :point_up:

And my SQL is a default instance

I'm which case, the only issue I see is you added \data to the host. Remove that and try again.

Try unchecking Use Encryption too.

I unticked 'Use Encryption?', 'Trust Certificate?' and 'Assume UTC?' and it work

Leave that ticked.

Also, did you remove \data from the server Field?

Yes, I remove it.Thank you very much for your help.

My classmate can run and he checked the Use Encryption. Can you tell me why? pls.

The server part was the only problem as far as I can see. Try switching it back on.

I forgot one detail, he added \data

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