Hello I need connect with TCP client and get data (I have Sick Thickness Sensor , i want to collect data through tcp client (message is <STX> MEASURE B <ETX> )


(Send Message MEASURE B )

I want to checking TCP client in Herclus software , its comming for ref image

  1. Node red side i am using TCP client module for ref image setting

  2. Node red side i am getting error Ref img.

Please Help me any one how to read TCP Client data

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Hello! Looks like you have inserted your entire post into block quotes, which has killed your image attachments. Please try once more and make sure the preview pane shows your images.

Thank you for editing your post. Looks like you have configured your TCP node to look for a port setting to be found in msg.5010 rather than statically configured for port 5010. Also, doesn't the first image show the sensor refusing your connection attempts?

What/which is that TCP client node ? Is there any reason why you aren't using the built in core TCP nodes ? Also which way round is this supposed to be - are you connecting to Node-RED or is Node-RED connecting to the device ?

Sending/Receiving through Node-RED built in TCP nodes have worked flawlessly for me. We talk to pretty much anything, barcode readers, weighing equipment, other PCs using Node-RED too.