Hello! Is it possible to extract data with an htpp request from a database based on id you provide in an insert field and the result to be an table that contains that id. Node-RED v3.0.2, docker

i want dynamically the flow to search and extract (based on the id i give in the insert field) the table containg that id.
This is the format of the table:

Do you want node-red to do an http request on an external server, or do you want an external client to perform an http request into node red to get the data? If the latter then you need to use HTTP In and HTTP Response nodes in node red.

i want node-red to do an http request on an external server, is an oracle server.

What don't you know how to do?

In the http req i have something like this /CRISTI_TEST?klt_id={{KLT_ID}} where CRISTI_TEST is the actual table and that klt_id is the id that i insert in the insert field. What i actually want is when i insert an id from another table not CRISTI_TEST the flow to go automatically based on id that i will insert and retrive me the table in the dashboard. Is there any solution to this? I dont know how to make the function that dynamically get the table name and call it after i insert the id.

Sorry, I do not understand what you mean.

In terms of building the query it may be that a template node is the easiest way to do it (not ui_template).

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