HELP Can't write file to the designated documents with Ubuntu system

Hi guys. I am a newbie to using Node-red.

I am using sensors to record temperature and humidity and the data is currently displaying properly in Debug, but I am unable to use the write file function to record these continually updated data to a specified .txt file.

It writes fine on my other windows computer, but not on this Ubuntu server, and I suspect it is a problem with the Ubuntu system files. Has this happened to anyone else?

as long as you are running it as user ace (so it has access to the /home/ace directory that looks ok. ( I would untick the creat directory option if you know the directory exists and you haven't added an extra path to the file name - but that won't make a difference to permissions).

Thanks for your rapid reply, Dceejay. I had unticked the create directory option but it didn't work. I'm now wondering if there's something wrong with my docker.

I used docker to install the Node-red. I now suspect that docker is not recognizing the files inside the host, so someone has used docker to run the Node-red and wrote file successfully?

Ah right. That is critical information :-). So yes you need to mount the host directory into the docker container and give it the correct permissions. I think you need to read up on how to do a bind-mount

Alternatively stop using Docker, unless you have a good reason for using it.

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