Files access write/read - Node RED wiith Docker from Synology

Hello everybody,

I'm a begginer with Node RED, i started first with a RaspberryPi and now I use Node Red with my Synology DS411+II. (Syno+Docker+NodeRed)

I'm looking for write a file on my Syno.

I give access to /NodeRedFiles and /node-red

In Node Red, everything is ok or work, i can see the image preview but in my Synology i can't show the file in the folder.
Do you have and idea?

Have you thought of trying the same path style as the Synology shows in the interface: forward slashes, rather than backward slashes.

in the nodered/data diretory there is a file called settings.js

did you change the setting so things are written to the filesystem(persistent) instead of to memory

contextStorage: {
    default: {

i use these settings

to access a file in tts i use this.
you need to use the path relative to the default path.

Thank you, i thing is the good direction, but i don't know where are installed the files?
Do you have a idea?

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