Help - length (object)

I want to enum/count each item (object) in DEVICES but lenght does not work... Can I be missing something please?

Capture = function(domain){
    //Gets all devices from a specific domain
    node.warn("getDomainDevices: Starting->" + domain);
    devices = global.get("DEVICES");
    for (i=0; i<devices.length; i++){
        node.warn("getDomainDevices: Item->" + devices[i]);
        if (devices[i].domain === domain){
            node.warn("getDomainDevices: Found->" + devices[i]);
            //It is part of this domain
            if (ret !== "" ){
                ret += "," + devices[i];
                ret = devices[i];
    node.warn("getDomainDevices: Result->" + ret);
    return ret;

Objects don't have a length property - only Arrays do (and Strings, but that's not relevant here).

To loop over its contents, you can do:

for (const key in devices) {
   const device = devices[key];
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Thank you!

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