Help me! I have problem "Flows stopped due to missing node types"

First of all, I'm not good at English.and only 20 years old, but there is a need to do a project that has never been done before. I have to use google traslate to help me. If something I write looks strange, I'm sorry.
I have a problem with node-red that say "Flows stopped due to missing node types * www-request"

I've tried to fix it several times. but really don't know how to fix it.
Help me please.

At a guess, you have imported a flow that uses something called "www-request".

This is likely an old contribution node.

I would recommend you search your node-red flow for www-request (use CTRL+F) then change them for the standard HTTP Request nodes.

Alternatively, you might find you have deleted the imported flow but they STILL cause an error. In which case, it is likely a left over config node. Again, use the Search OR look in the "unused config" nodes...

Thank you very much
I spent almost 2 full days to fix it.

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