Flows stopped due to missing node types - blocking Node-RED

I have seen this title before, but somehow recently I am having more trouble with these errors.

Copied a flow from somewhere > import, it looks like it imported it, but no new tab and no flow, deploy:
Flows stopped due to missing node types.

Checking the Configuration nodes, I see that there is a new flow in the list, but that flow does not show up in my tabs and I cannot delete it. - this was a subflow which i could delete.

Now I read that the only way to resolve this, is to add the nodes first.
14 Mar 18:02:30 - [info] Waiting for missing types to be registered:

This blocks node-red as a whole, this cannot be the way this works right ? Missing nodes should be ignored with some error.

Node v8.15.0
npm 6.8.0
Node-RED 0.20.0

Which version of niode-RED are you using?

Added to the first post

Node v8.15.0
npm 6.8.0
Node-RED 0.20.0

Can't you start node-RED in the 'new' safe mode, then find & delete the flow, or add the missing node?

Sure that is possible, but is that what should happen first to get the flows running ?

I would think continue with an error would be more appropriate.

If a node isn't registered, the flow cannot run.

Running a flow with bits missing could have highly unexpected results.

You don't need safe mode in this scenario - by definition you are automatically in safe mode because the flows aren't running, but you can use the editor to fix the problem.

We do try to highlight in the editor where the missing nodes types are - but I realise we don't do a good job of that if the node is inside a subflow. That's something we could improve.

I see your point, I was thinking too simple. Blocked flows without being able to find the culprit was indeed the main cause for my angst.

Perhaps an idea for the popup:

  • missing-node-name - (on sub/flow tabname)

Or an auto populated search