Help required with Modbus Node

Hello everyone,

I am new to IoT and Node-RED, and currently working on a project to create a power monitoring dashboard on Grafana. For collecting data, I am using an energy analyzer and Node-RED to transfer the data from the energy analyzer to InfluxDB using node-red-contrib-modbus read node with RS485 communication.

However, I am facing a few issues that I need help with:

(i) I read that with a single request, I can read up to 128 16-bit registers. But, I am confused about what constitutes a single request - a complete flow or a node? Additionally, I am only able to read 12 consecutive registers at once with a single node. Is there a way to increase this number with the Modbus-read node?

(ii) I have picked up the timestamp from the registers and want to use it instead of InfluxDB's timestamp. However, when I connect the timestamp reading directly to every node, it gives me an error. Can anyone suggest how to achieve this, particularly if they have experience with InfluxDB nodes?

(iii) As I can only read 12 values per one node, I have a lot of repeating nodes to decode and format these values using different function nodes. Is there a better way to do this?

The node names represent starting register and number of registers. I would be grateful for any suggestions or insights on how to improve my Node-RED flows for this project.

Thank you in advance.

Attached are two screenshots - my flow, and the Modbus server configuration.

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