Help Simple Gauge

I am completly new here.
Can somebody help me to let the Gauge Works.

I have a modbus connection and want a adress on a Gauge (Current from a Pump)

I think have to do somethink with the funtcion block?
I see that I have the correct value on msg.payload (30)
Now I want that on a gauge



If msg.payload has 30 in it you can feed that straight into the gauge. If that doesn't work then feed it into a debug node and show us what you have. Also worth reading the node red docs page on Working With Messages.

However, if it turns out that actually msg.payload contains an array with one element, which contains the value 30 then you can tell the gauge to display the first element of the array in msg.payload by putting {{msg.payload[0]}} in the Value Format field.

Hello Colin,

It Works!!! Thanks for the input!!

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