[Help] Tasker to Node-RED Problem. HTTP Request Task fires but gets stuck

Hey guys, i have a problem. i want to wake up my PC via Node-RED (RaspberryPI via Taskers HTTP Request Task.

The Problem is that the HTTP Task always throws a timeout exception when the task is executed. The odd thing is that it fires as expected and the packet also arrives at the NR node. Please see my Screenshots attached. I also tried the HTTP Post Task but its the same. Why there is a timeout error? Am i doing something wrong? Unfortunately im a beginner on this topic..


Thank you in advance for your ideas!

When using a http in node you have to respond with a http response node, else the http request will timeout.
You also have to make sure msg.res is not overwritten or deleted.

Thank you so much! Thats the solution! :smiley:

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