Help text for config nodes

For the first time I am creating a node that uses a config node and realise that config nodes appear never to have help text associated with them. Is that just the way it is or can I attach help text to a config node?

Sure they can have help - all of mine do

just make sure you set the data-help-name
<script type="text/html" data-help-name="MSSQL-CN">

Oh, yes. I see my confusion. It doesn't automatically show the help when I start editing the config node. I have to explicitly show it. Does it show automatically for you?

when I start editing a config node - the help shows without doing anything special (like when you select a node on the editor)

Are you editing it by clicking the pencil in the parent node's config window?

Yes, I should have been clearer. After clicking the pencil & entering config node editing, I see the help info.

The plot thickens. What version of node-red are you using? Testing it with mqtt nodes on 1.0.3, when I click the pencil it switches to the config node help, but on 1.1.2 it isn't doing that, it stays on the mqtt in (or out) help page.
I don't see any errors in the developer console.

When I replied, I was on 1.0.4 & a 0.20.7 version Colin.

Are you saying latest versions, that doesn't work?

Yes, for me the latest version does not show the config node help when you click the pencil in (for example) an mqtt node.
It would be good if someone else could confirm this.

It does the same for me. I have to select the mqtt-broker in the drop down node list before the broker help is shown.

Has Steve-Mcl changed his sidebar layout because he has Node Help in the Info tab

No, this is where it was displayed pre v1.1.0

See the blog re 1.1 release

The issue here is that it doesn't show the help page for a config node when entering that node's setup dialog. So, for example, double clicking an MQTT In node opens the node's setup dialog and shows the help for MQTT In. Clicking the pencil to open the config node does not show the config node's help. On previous versions of node-red clicking the pencil did switch the help page. Should I raise an issue?

Yes please


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