The `Instruction` (Help?) option on nodes and a slight *annoyance*

If you are using new nodes and have their Ctl g h page open to see the options.

You then click on a function node (or other node to change the message) the Help screen changes to that node.

I get it.... that is the selected node.

But it is a bit ..... annoying - to me - that I can't keep the HELP page for the new node open while I am editing other nodes and I can see the format of what I need to send the new node.

Is there a trick I am missing?

There is no trick to be had... That is what it does. I agree it isn't always convenient and something we should look at improving.

But this is one of the reasons we introduced the help sidebar - it lets you access the help of any node at any time. In older days, it would only let you access the help of the current selected node.

So at least you can switch it back to the help topic you want it to show.

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I guess it is just something I am going to have to work on.

As a suggestion to anyone (else) who is also seeing this problem.
(Thinking on the run - as it were)

Open a text editor and paste the help in there. Lock it - the text editor - to be always at the front and size it to not be full screen, and then open the other node as needed.

Just a thought.

If you have the help tab open, then just click on the node you want help for in the list above it.

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