Help using BACnet / node-red-contrib-bacnet

I've got a flow monitoring the present value property of humidity, air temperature, and water temperature objects of a mechanical ventilation and heat recovery (MVHR) unit using BACnet Read nodes from node-red-contrib-bacnet. What I would like to do is write the present value (or relinquish default?) property of the respective set point objects, but the BACnet Write node fails every time with an error 0. I've tried enabling debug logging, but there is no additional information.

Anyone using node-red-contrib-bacnet that could help solve this?

There is a warning on the Node page:


maybe writing is not yet supported, have a look on the authors github page and ask him.

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There is some history about this. I did spend a lot of time tryiing this node and the developer was very helpful when I raised the issue on Github. It would appear that the problem is related to the underlying bacnet Node js library that the node red node is built on. I did raise an issue with that developer on Github and he also made some changes, but the issue is still mostly un-resolved. I was able to produce an ugly workaround using a function node which enabled a successful write, so thsi may work for a small number of writes.
This information and example "ugly" workaround flow is on the following github issue link

There is now an ionware-io Orion Bacnet flow that solves this here

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