HELP!@ where did those files go

I installed node-red-contrib-simple-weekly-scheduler from "Manage Palette".

Now it didn't offer a means to add event titles so I thought I would hack the source in situ to add a prompt to add an event title during event creation. That's not my problem.

My problem is I went looking for the files that should have been installed by "Manage Palette" and can't find them.

That is a hoot BECAUSE the nodes are in my palette and I have play with them live. That is they successfully installed into node-red.

I am on windows 10.

I have searched %HOME%./node-red for "weekly" (assuming package name) or "planner" one of the js files. Nothing turned up???

I have also searched %HOME%/AppData/npm and %HOME%/AppData/npm-cache

I even, being desperate, searched C:\Program Files\nodejs.

Short of doing a full scan of my hard drive, where does node-red stash files added using "Manage Palette"? I actually thought it would have been in the ones I searched.

Would "Manage Palette" simply have stuffed the folder "node-red-contrib-simple-weekly-scheduler" with files underneath? Surely that's as straight forward as it is.

I am struggling because I have added other nodes the same way, and a couple by console, and they they are turning up in searches. Why would node-red-contrib-simple-weekly-scheduler be any different?


It should be in a folder named node-red-contrib-simple-weekly-scheduler in your .node-red folder.

Failing that use something like agent ransack and search your whole machine for time-planner.html (Windows search is complete rubbish)

When you start Node-RED from the command line it will print out your user directory. All nodes are installed under the node_modules directory in there.

Unless you did a global install which, of course, installing from the palette doesn't do.

Steve, yep I get where it "should" be, the file searches would, of course, search child directories under the parents. That is what is curious, the folder is not there BUT the nodes are installed and working???

I will have a look at agent ransack, I have tried MSCODE with excludes of node_modules turned off.

Not a sausage so far.


@Bazmundi as has been said, when Node-RED starts, it logs the user directory it is using. If you install anything via the palette manager, then it will be in the node_modules directory under there.

In that directory you will also find a hidden file - .config.json. This contains info on all nodes the runtime has found and where on disk it found them.

@knolleary I do understand all of that.

However, having installed node-red-contrib-simple-weekly-scheduler from "Manage Palette" it does not turn up under %HOME%/,node-red/node_modules. It is not turning up under %HOME%/AppData/Roaming/npm/node_modules either.

Indeed, with node-red-contrib-simple-weekly-scheduler installed, it does not appear to turn up in the %HOME%/.node-red/.config.json either

And yet it is in my palette.

So thanks for all those who have repeated the expectation that the files should be in those folders.

I repeat, they are not.

Which is why I am raising the matter.

What user runs node-red?
Do you run it from CMD line or as a service under another account?

Try searching whole computer for a file that should exist i.e. one as listed on the repo i.e like the file I suggested. Don't even bother with windows search it's practically useless, use something like agent ransack as suggested earlier.

Unless you have npm uninstalled it, it will be there somewhere and there will be a reason.

@Steve-Mcl yep, I have installed agent ransack, as you suggested. In work searching.

Well, that simply isn't possible. If the runtime has loaded the node, it will be recorded in that file.

Please can you share the log output off Node-RED when it starts up? Everything up to the 'Started flows' message.

  • Yep, I agree, it should be impossible.
  • However, a search of C drive (full) finds no time-planner.html.
  • I did a search on *planner.html (see image) using Agent Ransack.
  • I even added a few empty files in %HOME%.node-red and %HOME%\AppData\Roaming to double check that those directories were searched (see top of image).
    Note at bottom of image no time-planner.html !!!!??? in alphabetically sorted list where it might turn up.

Note the Agent Ransack window running over top node-red with time-planner info up.

So I will stop/start and get the log for you @knolleary.

Go figure, a search on C drive for the expected folder and not a fetid dingo's kidney.

Impossible I hear.

And yet the nodes are running, raising events yadda.

Do you have other harddrive/partition? Search them too.

Can you post copy of log from starting node-red to running.

Can you switch on debug level logging in your settings.js and instead of screenshotting the CMD window, pipe the output to a file e.g.

Node-red > red.log and paste that here between 3 backticks

Nope, the missing piece of puzzle is that the node-red builds a Users/xx/.node-red folder in the drive you start it from.

I was starting on my D drive, so it builds a Users directory on D drive.


So, thanks for the help all.

You are running a very, very old version of Node-RED: 0.15.2. That was released in October 2016 and there have been many releases since.

I think the issue of it not using the right drive was fixed a long time ago - I can't remember to be honest.

So I recommend to upgrade to the latest stable release - 0.20.5.

Yep, @knolleary I will get right on that upgrade.