Help with injecting a boolean value into a payload?

I am trying to inject a true or false value into my Siemens S7-300 PLC. I can only manage to send numbers trough inject node JSON for example: {"Value":[5]}. I need to toggle inputs on my PLC with a boolean value. Here is my node red flow:


Please see this post for how to share flows so that they are importable. You can edit your previous post to fix it.

I think you may be using a contrib node, if so please tell us what it is, probably node-red-contrib-something.

It should be now fixed!

Yes, ok now, but we need to know which node you are using, node-red-contrib-???

Sorry it's my first time using node red and I didn't know I was using such a node. I am using node-red-contrib-s7.

Hi and welcome.

I don't use the s7 nodes so I'm guessing but have you tried feeding Number 1 or 0 to your Boolean PLC tags instead of Boolean true/false?

Yes I tried using 1 and 0 and it didn't work.

I think you must be using another one. Your flow has a node of type write that does not appear to be in the S7 node. If you go to manage palette in node-red it will show you all the nodes you have installed.

Hi All

I suggest using the 'button' from dashboard. It is configured to output 'true' and 'false'