Node-red-contrib-ikea-tradfri Help needed

I need help with turning on lamps, if i use inject node it always work with boolean.
but from plc that also use boolean, i got error.
i have tryed many combinations , nothing works !

it is Lampa_ToalettNere

best reg Donny

Check the input from the PLC with a debug node to ensure it is actually a valid boolean

That does not change anything, i have tried other things to trigger a function block.
it only works if i trigger with inject node, i can send a timestamp or whatever and it will work.

but in automatic flow it will not.


    msg.payload = {
        "onOff":  true

return msg;

Print the whole message in debug node, not just the payload.

Thank you,

i found it, there was an hidden topic,
added delete msg.topic; to the function block.

and now it works :slight_smile:

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