Help with nodered container (proxmox) and sendPhoto telegram flow - photo not being picked up from /config/www/

Tricky one I can't see to resolve.

I’ve recently moved nodered out of HA for some things and have a flow that takes a snapshot (which works fine), stored in /config/www/snapshots.
The photo is being generated and it is in /config/www/snapshots

Then the telegram node to send the photo has the json as

{"photo": "/config/www/camshots/rear.jpg"}

Seems to be a rejection error 400 bad request on the payload sendPhoto.

Now on the nodred addon within homeassistant this works fine.

So mostly like a connection error between the separate container and the VM homeassistant is on. (both on the same proxmox host/node).

Spent all night trying to resolve this but pulled out so much hair.

Can anyone assist with this, please?