Help with property {{}}

Hi i am new here.

I have created in function node new property: msg.class = "class-active";

I am having trouble with calling this new property "msg.class" to different input fields in different nodes. Dont understand why it works for some fields and not for others.

Below is an example. I would like to set custom class for example text node. For label it is not problem but for class it shows {{msg.class}} instead of "class-active"

I dont think the mustache {{ msg.class }} syntax is supported for the class field.

At the end of the Help tab for the node :

If a Class is specified, it will be added to the parent card. This way you can style the card and the elements inside it with custom CSS. The Class can be set at runtime by setting a msg.className string property.

So if you want to dynamically set a class use msg.className instead

tnx it works

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