Hide color picker when light is off

I am using the MiLight control (node-red-contrib-milight-3) in combination with the dashboard (node-red-dashboard). I have a few color bulbs and I can switch them on and off and I can pick a color with the the color picker. That works as it should. What I would like to do is to hide the color picker when the bulb is off and show it when the bulb is on. I tried the ui-control (ui_ui_control) but it allows only the hiding and showing of tabs and groups, not of individual controls. Does anyone has an idea on how to make this work?

It may help attract involvement if you supply your flow and other details about what you have tried that didn't seem to work, in case you were close but missing a detail.

There is no simple way to do it - though maybe careful creation of groups without titles could help. Apart from that then you would have to get into careful use of CSS and styles but it may not re-layout the screen to compensate

This is the flow:

When the On-Off button is On:

When it is Off:

When I use the UI control with this function:

the tab completely disappears

Thank you for answer. I will dive deeper and when I have a solution I will post it here.

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