Hide editor tabs without disabling them

@knolleary ,
I was interested in Flow Security. I believe a better approach may be more simple, and this dovetails into the concept of Hiding editor tabs by filtering them.


  1. clean up tabs on the top of systems with huge flow numbers.
  2. organize flows by name and have immediate access to the key flows you need.
  3. steer certain users/admins to key areas of concern easily to avoid hunting around for flows.
  4. better documentation use and organization of flow content if using naming conventions in flow names.
  5. browser URL with flow filter string on open.
  6. Simply Clear the filter to SHOW all TABS again.

Suggestion for editor.
The tabs on the right called "List Flows", or "Ctrl-f" you already have a means to view if you put in the text properly. "type:tab Flow". Will list only flows that start with "Flow" in the dialog only.

Provide yet another small tab with a filter symbol of some type to insert text that will reamain static and show on the editor a current filter is "Working" and the text shows the tabs along the top in the same manner when executed. Clearing the filter SHOWS all tabs and shows the user the filter is clear. [ ]

User a and user B can't see each other's tasks, otherwise they have no privacy