Hide/secure dashboard zu code

Good day everyone

I am still quite new to NodeRed but after getting a first touch I am using it more and more mainly as a Gateway from other buses and systems to my customer KNX systems.

I am interested in the dashboard UI functionality to be able to create custom websites that easily interact with node red. I am wondering if it is somehow possible to restrict the access to the code of the dashboard and maybe the flow where the dashboard is placed in so that my customers can still use node red if they like but don’t mess with the dashboard. Also at this point I do not want to make it too easy to copy that dashboard, which maybe understandable.

As for the hardware I am thinking of raspberry pi. Right now I am deploying NodeRed on Windows Touchdisplays from Peaknx and Synology using docker.

And yes I am pretty sure I could build a html5 KNX dashboard without using nodered. But I still want to be able to have the abilities node red gives me and my customers.

I guess the answer is quite simple and I just don‘t get the right terms to look it up…

Many thanks in advance from Germany!

That isn't really part of how Node-RED works I'm afraid.

Your best bet is possibly to run 2 instances of Node-RED. One that you secure from the users and that contains the Dashboard. The second open to users to Edit.

Then to specify a suitable link between them. MQTT would be the easiest but you could use websockets, TCP, or UDP links or even HTTP.

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