Hide Tab problem

After hiding tab by sending command to ui-control node, I don't see this tab in side menu this is fine.
Also I don't have an access to this tab via sending a command to ui-control node (like {"tab":"tab"}), this is also fine.

But I still have access to this tab thru direct link (like http://localhost:1880/ui/#!/1) and this is not so good.

I can hide all groups in tab, it works, but not so convenient for the large projects with several access levels.

Maybe anybody knows how to fix it?

hiding tabs is not meant to be a form of access control. There is no protection between tabs - if a user can see one they can in theory see them all if they know here to look.

I understand it.
But I think it's a good idea to have an ability to totally hide it for dashboard user.

it is totally hidden - unless they type in the url manually. (or someone provides them a link).
If you really don't want it visible delete it entirely.

In my project I'm using a pin code to allow access to several tabs (settings, calibration etc)... so, I can't delete those pages entirely. I found only way to get it works thru hiding all groups in the tab. So by direct link user got a blank page.

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