I can hide the "tab name" in the dashboard?

we can to hide the "tab name" located at the left side of the dashboard? Like the following image.
and keep the content that I can access it with the "ui-control"
Thank you .

So you just want to hide some of the pages, but not all of them, right? Sounds like a great enhancement to the dashboard tab property editor… @dceejay would you accept a PR to add the Enabled/Disabled switch to each tab?

In the meantime, you are free to manipulate any of the dashboard components yourself – for instance, you could add a ui_template node with a <script> element that runs after the page is loaded, uses jquery to find the right menu item, and sets its style="display: none;".

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A PR would be great. Looks forward to it.

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Although, now that I think about it, “hiding” a page in the Nav Menu is different than “disabling” the tab completely, right? If a disabled tab had some side-effects (css style overrides, external libs in <head>, body onload scripts, etc) I think it would be more expected that they would have no effect on the dashboard – in the same way that “disabled” editor flows are removed from the runtime server processing.

If you think it’s worth pursuing, then I could provide a disabled flag separate from a “Show in Nav Menu” property. I can imagine disabled tabs not being rendered at all inside the dashboard page, but still showing as greyed out in the Nav Menu. Then, as the OP requested, leaving the tab “enabled” while unchecking “Show in Nav Menu” would keep the page available to ui_control messaging while omitting it from the menu. What say you?

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I think they should not be seen at all as the whole point is you can’t nav to them except via ui_control

Thank you for your response, but how i can to use jquery for control my menu item.
Thank you very much.

Currently you can’t. It would need an enhancement to allow this capability

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I too am looking for way of 'hiding' certain DashBoard pages from the SideBar

In certain applications, we would allow users to access specific DashBoard pages from the UI_Control and hide the pages in the SideBar.

Any updates or suggestions?

No updates.
You can hide them all and just use other controls to move between them. But they won’t be secure. Users could guess the number of other tabs.

Months ago I suggested that I could provide this enhancement -- tbh, I started to implement it, ran into a problem, and got side-tracked so it never was completed. My bad!

However, I would like to finish this, since I'm about 80% done. Dave, which branch would you like me to use for the PR? Just to prove my intentions, and garner some feedback, here is what the revised Dashboard side-bar looks like in my dev environment:


Notice that the "hidden" menu items are lighter grey and use the line-through text style. Also notice the last item on the list is showing the fa-bar icon, representing that fact that the menu item is "disabled" -- which in my mind means it cannot be navigated to.

And here is how I implemented the new "disabled" and "hidden" properties of the dashboard ui_tab editor panel:


Looking at it now, I should probably add a bit of prose in a note on the editor panel, describing what the two flags are supposed to do. Please let me know if there are any other changes you would need, and I'll see if I can get this done in the next week or so...

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Hi Steve, looks interesting.
So Disabled means the url doesn't exist ? so can't be navigated to at all ? And Shown just hides it from the nav menu ? but can be found by linked to by ui_control etc - or someone guessing the url ?

That was my thinking... if it's still desired, then just let me know what branch to fork. I'm afraid the version I started with earlier this year is quite behind.

Most recent master is good for now. Let's have a go and see how it looks. Thanks

How can I hide them all ?

how did you do that? can you help me
I also want to hide the tabs in the Dashboard

As soon as I can submit this pull request, Dave can add this capability into the dashboard sidebar -- but that will take a few days.

If you can't wait for that new feature, then you may be able to brute force it by adding a ui_template node with a script that finds the Navigation Menu and hides it -- something like this:

    $("md-toolbar button").hide();

TBH, this will only keep the Nav menu from being shown, so I'm not sure what other side effects will happen.

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Is there somewhere to learn how to use the ui_control node to enable and disable the properties dynamically?
I want to hide certain tabs when certain events happen and I haven't been able to find the documentation on how to do this. I was able to find the way to hide specific groups but not tabs.

Well, I know I added the logic to show/hide and enable/disable tabs using ui_control messages back in early January 2019... but it appears that my changes never made it into a released dashboard.

I'll have to get with Dave and see how/where to push those last changes. Then, you will be able to send a message with this format to manage your dashboard tabs in the Navigation menu:
{ "tabs": { "hide": "Home,Lights", "disable": "Cameras" } } -- at least that's the format required right now... Of course, that is subject to change, and it certainly needs some documentation on the ui_control tab info.

Thanks for reminding me about this. Sorry for not getting this pushed across the finish line!