Hide tabs on mobile device


I would like to build 2 different tabs for each device: 1 tab for mobile device and another for common desctop pc.

I have this function added to my head section:

function myFunction(x) {
 if (x.matches) { // If media query matches

var x = window.matchMedia("(max-width: 700px)")
myFunction(x) // Call listener function at run time
x.addListener(myFunction) // Attach listener function on state changes

and it works very well and I get relocated properly, but now I want to hide from menu the tab 0 when using mobile device and also hide tab 4 when using desctop.

Does it work with ui_control??

Someone any idea?


Ok I found the way to hide tabs with ui_control. But I still need some msg to return from function above.
How to add a return payload to this function?

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