HINT: How to share Pi (or other Linux install) files on a Mac using Netatalk

While not directly Node-RED related, I use it all the time and thought I'd share.

Netatalk is a freely-available Open Source AFP fileserver. A UNIX, Linux or BSD system running Netatalk is capable of serving many Macintosh clients simultaneously as an AppleShare file server (AFP).
Here are my install notes:

To see the pi in the ‘shared devices’ on your Mac, you must install netatalk

sudo apt install netatalk -y

Note: as of ‘Buster’ you need to edit a file to make this work. First you backup the afp.conf file then create a new one:

sudo mv /etc/netatalk/afp.conf /etc/netatalk/afp.original
sudo nano /etc/netatalk/afp.conf

Next insert the following lines:

; Netatalk 3.x configuration file

; Global server settings

; [Homes]
; basedir regex = /home

 path = /etc

; uncomment this if the directory exists
; [WWW_testPi]
' path = /var/www/html

 path = /home/pi/.node-red

; [My AFP Volume]
; path = /path/to/volume

; [My Time Machine Volume]
; path = /path/to/backup
; time machine = yes

path = /home/pi
home name = $h

save (ctrl-x and reply with 'y') and then restart the netatalk service with:

sudo systemctl restart netatalk

If you open a Finder window on your Mac, in the 'locations' section of the sidebar, Click on 'Networks' and you should see the Pi. Sign into it and you should see the home directory and node-red directory and you can add/delete/edit the Pi's files directly on your Mac.

I hope this proves as useful to others as it has for me.


Doesn't MacOS support Windows shares natively? SAMBA on Linux is well supported. Indeed, I just set it up on my server for the first time in some years, I don't normally bother but needed it for something recently, took about 5 minutes to set up and secure.

MacOS also supports FUSE which lets you use SSH connections as a filing system too.

How to mount remote folder over ssh on mac – Cooking&Coding Girl (susanqq.github.io)

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Beats me, I haven’t used a windows computer since before Y2K :grin:

Yes, seems it does

Connecting to SMB shares with Mac OS X - College of Agriculture IT | Montana State University

SAMBA on Linux is very easy to deploy and configure.