Home Assistant dimmer slider integration


I woud like to create and integrate dimmer slider switch from Node-Red to Home Assistant, lika switcher integration. How can i create a dimmer switch?
I have installed a HASC dimmer but I dont have a entity in HA like switch.xxxx.xxx

I am not familiar with home assistant (you may have better luck on the HA forums), but your flow looks like a lot of repeating nodes that could possibly be reduced to just 2 nodes. The input fields in the nodes can (usually) be set dynamically based on the input from the messages.

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Thanks, I´m working on a better code for "http request" node. The GET request string is based on the unit and switch. I have tried different msg.prefix. My wish is to create a slider switch an publish in Home Assistant like the others. The slider you see in the second picture, "tvättstuga tvättho" is a Zigbee. My system communicate over HTTP XML.

This is (still) offtopic, but the documentation of the node describes how to create dynamic urls:

When configured within the node, the URL property can contain mustache-style tags. These allow the url to be constructed using values of the incoming message. For example, if the url is set to example.com/{{{topic}}} , it will have the value of msg.topic automatically inserted. Using {{{...}}} prevents mustache from escaping characters like / & etc.

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