Home automation light with button ( Raspberry GPIO )

hello i'm Leonardo

i have a problem with this:
i want to turn on light and turn off with Alexa and button.
The part of Alexa in complete and now it's possible turn on and turn off relay.
The part of button is incomplete, I'm not able to turn on and off relay
i try some script write in this community but i not found the right one

My Hardware is:
Raspberry pi 4
Relay board ( 8 realy )

Button Vimar https://www.vimar.com/it/it/catalog/product/index/code/14008

Node-red install on rasbian

I use gpio pin out for command relay on relay board ( GPIO02 - 3 ), and i use gpio pin input for button ( GPIO21 - 40 )

the button have 1 contact, when it's pressed contact is close, when it's release contact is open ( Call Normal Open contact ) , in node-red recived msg.payload "1"when i push the button.

sorry for my bad english, thanks in advance for help me!

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