How can custom node create by vue or react web Framework

custom node can created by vue or react web Framework

Sorry, that question does not translate too well. Can you explain a little more please?

You want to create your own custom node that creates a Vue/REACT web page?

Or do you want to create web pages using Vue/REACT?

If the 2nd one, then have a look at node-red-contrib-uibuilder which lets you create web UI's using any framework.

is the 1nd one
how can create custom node by vue3 not use native html and js

You would have to load the appropriate library into the Editor - You can do that in the html file of your node. However, you should note that you will still be using HTML and JavaScript and Node-RED itself already loads jQuery so you will be loading a lot more library code for anyone who uses your node and this may not be desirable. It is much easier to stick with HMTL, JavaScript and jQuery.

thanks a ton

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