Can reconstruct node red?

I'm a front-end newcomer.
I am currently developing a project based on node red, but as the project becomes more and more complex, I think the maintainability is getting worse and worse, because a lot of jQuery is used in the project.
So I want to refactor this project, but I find it difficult.
Can Vue or react be used to reconstruct node red? Is there any good way to make complex projects based on node red easier to maintain.
Thank you.

I suspect that you are conflating Node-RED with a user interface. Node-RED itself just has a singular UI which is the Editor - used only for authoring flows. If you are writing custom nodes then you would be using jQuery to help with your node's configuration panel but generally, that doesn't get all that complex.

The other UI often associated with node-red is the Dashboard. But this is a separate module alltogether. It uses mostly Angular v1 though I believe jQuery may also be available.

THere are, however, other tools for node-red that let you create user interfaces. My own uibuilder for example provides a framework for building UI's and lets you use any (or no) front-end framework to help.

Bottom line to your question though is no, you can't use Vue or REACT to rebuild node-red since most of node-red is Node.js back-end server code, only the Editor is front-end code and that uses D3 and jQuery/jQuery-UI. But you can use different frameworks to build user interfaces.

If you are referring to building data-driven user interfaces with the help of node-red then you can use fairly standard web development pipelines with uibuilder to help manage complex front-end code.

Thank you very much for your reply.
Therefore, is it more reasonable to retain the architecture of node red and make it a part of Vue project, and then develop it on this basis?

You haven't really explained what you are trying to achieve so it is hard to give specific guidance here.

I would say though that if you have existing or developing VueJS front-end code, you might look to Node-RED to provide a data-driven back-end. A back-end that would potentially allow people with limited coding skills to help create and manage the business logic. You could then use uibuilder to provide the bridge between the front-end and back-end.

You should also note that it is fairly easy to build Node-RED into an existing Node.js back-end if that is already using ExpressJS to provide service web endpoints.

Thank you for your reply.
I already have a complete system, including front-end and back-end. I have developed my own node and added many functions to node red, so the front-end part of the system seems difficult to maintain. Therefore, I am considering whether it is possible to refactor it or have other ideas to implement node red. Your reply has helped a lot.

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