How to use node-red API

Hello Team,

I am trying to use vue Js as frontend and node-red as backend , May I know how to access node-red api or any other to establish connection between them.

Krunal Trivedi


Which API do you mean? Do you want to create your own vue.js flow editor? Or do you mean you want to host a custom vue.js site in node-red that is able to call flows in the runtime?


Thank you for getting back, I am having my own vue js editor which will call node-red api to run different flows and reflect back to vue. So should i use uibuilder or any other way which i can pass message between them?

Kruanl Trivedi

uibuilder will give you a simple framework to communicate between your front-end and Node-RED flows. But it sounds like you want to edit flows via your front-end which would be a different requirement altogether.

Potentially, you could use uibuilder to drive the front-end and create a flow that updates flows from Node-RED itself. so that would be one approach and probably the easiest to get going.

Otherwise you will need to put admin API calls into your front-end code - you can still use uibuilder to help you get going and to provide the web server.

Please don't ask the same question on the forum and on the slack channel, it just dilutes the efforts of people trying to help you

Good point, though some of us don't get the time to look at both I'm afraid.