Noflo Vue.js / ElementUI

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I was wondering if there is a vue.js version of node-red because I wished to add it as a component in a vue-admin framework.

Ref: (demo link in description)

My Goal:

If no project is intended in this direction, what would be your advices/safe-guards to make the port easy and stable ?

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Rosco Pecoltran

Hi, you can embed Node-RED in existing Node.JS apps that use ExpressJS. But vue is a front-end library and Node-RED is a back-end service. So we would need to know more about what is driving your vue-based app.

You can certainly use Vue with Node-RED, either manually using the http nodes or with the help of uibuilder. You just need to choose whether the front-end code is served by Node-RED's ExpressJS server or your own. Either way would work.

But your linker example wouldn't work since Node-RED uses D3 as its admin ui and it wouldn't be at all easy to use VueJS in that. The first link to the dashboard could certainly be done however. If you look at uibuilder, you will see that it lets you use any front-end libraries. It creates a websocket link for you and provides a simple JavaScript front-end library to provide an event driven msg interface from Node-RED to your front-end code.