How can i change the css of my dashboard via js?


i want to change my css via js in nodered to set a color dynamic. But when i do it like me in raw js with document.getElementyById... bla bla it says "document is not defined". How can i change css in js with nodered is there any other "document"?? It should be dynamic

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Dashboard uses the Angular v1 framework to provide dynamic ui's. You will want to do some reading about that. The ui_template node lets you set your own Styles and then you can swap between css classes based on data sent from node-red. You could also dynamically set styles as well but classes are usually easier to manage.

Can you give me an short example?

I rarely use Dashboard any more and dislike Angular so probably not.

However there are some examples on my blog and in the Node-RED Cookbook that may or may not help.

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