How to find the Html/css files in the .node-red folder?

I made a dashboard using node-red and I used widgets as well as ui_template node.
I put all my custom html and CSS in the template node.

I use chrome developer tools to check each element and there are many elements I cannot change within the node-red flow.

I want access the html and CSS files of the dashboard I created which I believe is saved somewhere in .node-red folder. I checked the json file of the flow but that literally just contains the flow information but not the dashboard styling and stuff.

I have added a picture for reference. For e.g I want to change the margin of the highlighted paragraph.

I would highly appreciate the help.

The HTML is dynamically created and so does not exist as a file. The Dashboard exists as a base HTML and JavaScript but all of the things you actually see are created dynamically using the Angular v1 front-end framework. What you see in the browser is not terribly related to the original files.

As you only want to change the CSS, you will need to do that dynamically from Node-RED as well. Assuming you can find a unique reference for the element that you want to style, you can add a CSS overide in a ui-template node.

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