How can I check whether a value is a certain timeabove the value of another variable?

How can I check whether a value (e.g. from one variable) is a certain time (e.g. 15 minutes) above the value of another variable?

Use a Switch node to perform the test and if it is above then send a message to o/p 1, feed that into a Trigger node set to Send Nothing, then Send Original Message after 15 minutes. Back at the Switch node configure it Othewise send to output 2 and then use a Change node to set msg.reset (it doesn't matter what it is set to). Note msg.reset not msg.payload.reset. Then feed that into the Trigger node also.

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That would work as far as if the value of the variable changes over time, but unfortunately it doesn't

I have no idea what you mean by that. Please explain in more detail what the inputs are and what outputs you want.
Also exactly what situation the suggested flow does not support.

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sorry i didn't know that you can reset the trigger

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