Trigger when a value is above a threshold for a certain time period

I am aware that you can trigger an event if a variable is above some threshold, but I want to trigger an event only if that variable is above a threshold for some time period say 30 minutes, is this possible?

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You can use a Switch node to test whether the value is above the threshold or not, and send it to separate outputs. Feed the 'above' value into a Trigger set to Send Nothng, then Wait for 30 minutes, then Send the event. Feed the other output of the Switch into a Change node configured to set msg.reset to true and feed that into the Trigger node also. Then the first 'above' value will start the trigger and if no 'below' messages are received then the event message will be sent. If a 'below' message arrives it will reset the trigger so no message is sent.

Something like this (I am just using 45s as I am trying to see it work in realtime)? I am not seeming to get the second debug payload

You are not sending them to separate outputs. Something like


Then use the Otherwise output to reset the trigger.

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Thank you so much, that helped me figure it out

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