How can I control AV (IR) devices via Node Red?

I am currently using iRule to control all my AV stuff via my tablet. As they have gone out of business, I need to move to another platform. It would make sense to add that to my current home automation dashboard.
I mainly use global cache products for the IR control, also have a IP controlled AV receiver.
I had a look but there is only a very old global cache palette. The node red dahboard is such a great UI, it would be ideal for AV control. What are people using ?

Have a look at this youtube video

Either use a Sonoff IR Bridge or build one with one ESP8266 / D1 mini and a couple of other cheap parts:

Then teach your IR commands and replay whenever is needed.

And various Lirc projects - eg LIRC Output Using Node-Red/MQTT - Share your Projects! - Home Assistant Community

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